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An Occult Interpretation of the Meme

Because memes are not physical "things" (unlike genes) there is basically some disagreement in reductionist science and philosophy regarding whether or not to accept them.  Because I am not bound by the reductionist-materialistic meme, I am able to take a different tack.  Basically, my occult-metaphysical interpretation of memes is that they constitute the active unit on the level of the Mental Body, that is the Mental aspect of the Etheric (subtle physical) Reality.  They are at least in part equivalent to what the Theosophists and Hermetic Occultists call Thought- forms.  A meme may however contain much more than just the mental thought-structure.  A Religious meme for example may serve as the vessel for the incarnation of forces from higher realms of existence, hence it's association with "God" and the numinous.  An ideological meme may incarnate forces involved in the transformation or evolution of society.  And so on.

The Meme - the Scientific Theory

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