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Immanent Divine Reality

Psychic Being
An artistic representation of the Psychic Being - an important element in The Mother and Sri Aurobindo's teachings. From the cover of the book Link to Amazon com Psychic Being (Soul: Its Nature, Mission, Evolution)

The following topics give only a partial coverage of the Immenent Divine.

AugoeidesAugoeides - a fascinating but ambigpous concept that may refer to either the Divine Soul or Higher Self in Itself, or to teh Causal Body of the soul, or even to a being or principle of Light in general. A brief comparitive review is provided here.

Psychic Being Psychic Being - Most spiritualities are concerned only with the Realisation of the Transcendent. However, Integral Realisation requires both a timeless Transcendent and an Immanent evolving Divine. Sri Aurobindo's yoga is unique in including both.

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