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Gnostic Metaphysics

The Three Realities

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Gnostic Metaphysics (which I sometimes also call "Integral Gnostic Metaphysics") provides an integral, esoteric, evolutionary, transformative worldview that includes all perspectives and realities, describing Reality in terms of Three Truths or Realities, six (or however many) attributes and activity of Reality (three/four modes or perspectives and four dharmadhatus), seven (or however man) stages of transformation, and five or six (or however many) hypostases.

Metaphysics however is still a mental formulation, it is not the Reality in itself, but rather a map of that Reality. Reality, being infinite and multidimensional, will always transcend our mental attempts to define it.

Child nodes: Three Truths or Realities | Hypostases | Hypostases and Integral Yoga | Perspectives and dharmadhatus | Three Worlds | Inner and Outer | Supreme Self and Non-Self | Polarities/Dualities

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