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The Outer Being

The Outer Being is a form of dualistic separative reality.  It represents "Gross" or matter-bound Physical Consciousness. This is the reality experienced by ordinary or mundane consciousness, which is dependent on the physical body. The term "outer being" as defined by Sri Aurobindo is equivalent. In Vedanta (based on the Mandukya Upanishad) the equivalent is the Gross or Waking state, and in Sant Mat the physical or Pinda region (see tables here), but that refers more to physical reality and the physical body, and there can be non-physical "outer" or "gross" regions as well.

It includes the Empirical and external world described through
reason-based modernity and science

As with all the gradations of being, this is divided into subdisions.  So in this case there is an Inner Reality aspect (inner Gross Reality), shown as the two left-hand quadrants of the Four Quadrant diagram, representing ordinary consciousness (the "inner world") which includes the mundane, impermanent personality, ruled by the self-seeking ego. And an Outer Reality aspect (outer Gross Reality), presented as the two left-hand quadrants of the diagram, representing reductionist matter on the physical level (on the subtle level, this reductionist reality becomes the meaningless of the "ahrimanic" polarity).

The Jungian psychological distinction between Introvert and Extrovert pertains to a further division of the inner Gross Reality into inner-inner and outer-inner. The introvert, who lives in his or her own world and is uncomfortable in social situations, is inner-inner Outer Being, while the extrovert, who depends on and interacts with external stimulii, and is uncomfortable when left to him or herself, is outer-inner Outer Being.

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The Outer Being
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