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Three Realities

Reality with a capital "R" - The two/three Truths (Two Truths and One Truth)

The Three Realities

Diagram creative commons attribution licence M Alan Kazlev 2009

The above metaphysical diagram is a provisonal and partial attempt at an explanation of everything. It is inspired by Kabbalistic and Yogic diagrams of worlds and koshas, Proclus' and Hegel's triad of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, Sri Aurobindo's distinction between nirvana and integral ascent-descent leading to Supramentalisation, and Ken Wilber's AQAL diagram. It shows the Three Realities or primary hypostases : Relative (lower left), Absolute (upper left), and the supramental synthesis of the two (right).

The lower left segment represents the Three Worlds of multiplicity or relative existence. The three worlds are:

  1. exoteric, outer, historical reality, which is the sphere of evolution. This is the outer band; the default, dualistic, baseline, current human state of consciousness, characterised by the dichotomy of self and nonself. Movement from here to any other band or quadrant involves stages of transformation
  2. gnosis and esoteric reality, represented by the inner bands and inner consciousness, which represent succesive strata of consciousness
  3. Realization (represented by the innermost band); both "Intermediate Zone" and complete Realization. From this state of inmost consciousnes, duality and/or nonduality one has the choice of whether to enter into transcendence (Yoga of Ascent) or continue to evolve and so perfect the world (Yoga of Descent/Integral Yoga).

I haven't included the Intraphysical or Inconscient here, I guess it would require a third dimension, changing the circle into a sphere.

The upper left segment represents the timeless unchanging state of nirvana, transcendence, moksha, and the Absolute Reality, thatness or thusness (jnana yoga, nonduality) as well as Godhead (bhakti yoga). Liberation means progressing from the lower left to the higher upper left of the diagram. This is what Sri Aurobindo calls the yoga of ascent, which means rejecting the world in favor of transcendent realization. It includes everything from traditional mysticism and yoga to 19th to 21st century perennialist nonduality teachings.

The immanent transformation from unperfected to perfected existence (bottom of diagram) constitutes actualisation of further hypostases and stages of transformation beyond nonduality, culminating in physical divinisation, which includes both Aurobindonian Supramentalization, Teilhardian Omega Point, and Transhumanist/Singularitan aspects; these together constituting the integral singularity. The opposite, transcendent transformation (top of diagram) can be interpreted in terms of Gnostic, Lurianic, and Theonist ideas of conversion or redemption of fallen godheads (aeons) or or restoration or perfection of transcendent ones, as in the Luranic idea of the world of Atzilutic tikkun (Gnosticism however doesn't give the whole picture because of its excessively dualistic and world-negating worldview).

The classical idea of apocatastasis, which may refer either to an individual or cosmological restoration of perfection, seems to be a juxtoposition of both Yoga of Ascent (Liberation, left of diagram) and Yoga of Descent (transformation, bottom of diagram), sometimes tending more to the Hindu/Buddhist/Sufi ideal of moksha/nirvana/fana, and sometimes to the messianic dream of cosmic perfection. However, Supramentalization, as with the equivalent concept of tikkun olam (repair of the world) of Lurianic Kabbalah, refers not a return to an original harmony but to a totally new state.

The right half is the Supramental state, which combines both transcendence (upper left) and evolution and multiplicity (lower left) in a single Integral Realization, or in other words Divinisation. This constitutes the culmination of the "yoga of descent", which means bringing the Divine down into matter and the Inconscient, transforming the world from within.

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