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The Savior and the Godhead

by Pat Revels

The figure of Christ has but One nature, but this nature contains two aspects, which are the human Christ and the Supernal Christ; these two aspects are nevertheless One, for their essence is One, and the two are united in the primordial symbol of Christ, the Divinized body, the embodied Divine. And thus the two aspects are not really two at all, but are one and the same and are not merely complimentary, but in all Truth inseparable, one and the same. Christ is a symbol representing the Divine processes that make Creation itself possible

In Christ, we are given our Soteria (salvation) as a gift. The Transcendent God becomes Immanent through an act or thought of Pure Will (and yet remains Transcendent). The corporeal world, beings and time are created as expressions, emanations, manifestations, reflections, shadows of Divine creation, none of which can exist without Divine infusion. And just as creation is provided, so also will it be with sustenance and redemption

Although God, the Divine Source of all, is eternally united with Creation, neither matter nor time nor thought can touch God. Likewise, without Christ, humans are incapable of withstanding the ineffable power of God and are unable to approach. Christ is the inseparability of the Divine and the human, of God and Creation. Christ is an agent of restoration, transforming Creation and perfecting its ability to receive and return God's Love

God's Love cannot be perfect without being felt and reciprocated, which is impossible whilst in a state of pure unicity, so God chooses to create. God (in the form of Spirit) creates Chaos, primal matter out of nothingness. The Logos is the Word with which God speaks and creates the light, Heavenly light, which has not as of yet been differentiated from darkness until God wills so, which occurs next. The light and the dark signify absolute opposites, meaning that a split into duality or plurality is a necessary requisite of Creation. Then God speaks again and creates Heaven, a division between the waters above and the waters below, Spirit and matter, because a process of temporal and material completion is necessary in order for the created world to fulfill its purpose, feeling and reciprocating God's Love. Matter cannot touch Spirit; that is, until the water from above rains upon the earth, which symbolizes the arrival of the Savior

According to the esoteric, metaphysical interpretation of the above account, the Godhead, the Essence of God, is unknown and unknowable in its Inscrutable Essence, is called by the mystics and theologians omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence, Unity, Oneness, Absolute Existence, Pure Being, Nondual Consciousness, Emptiness, Divine Nothingness, Darkness, Void, Abyss, Silence, Otherness, Beyondness and Mystery, and yet is beyond all of these. God is the Personal aspect of the Essence, the Godhead. God proceeds and thus creates, sustains and destroys matter, time, energy, life, beings, mind and the objects of the mind. God proceeds through Love, Truth and pure dynamism, ferocious and wrathful. In the act of proceeding, God remains in undiminished, infinite transcendence

The split into plurality creates a spectrum of diminished purity of being (with each respective level proceeding or emanating directly from God, rather than the hierarchical level preceding it), which eventually leads to the ontological level of the Intellect. The Intellect is given dominion over all lower and corporeal manifestation. The Intellect expresses through the use of the technology of the Logos

However, this created world is unable to perfectly receive and return God's Love; unable to withstand the power of God's influx, the created world is shattered, corrupting it and altering Divine Love-Truth-dynamism into Pure Wrath. This corruption is necessary, as it manifests all of the possibilities within the process of creation

The Logos repents and its Heavenly (incorruptible) element divides from its earthly element. The Heavenly Logos returns to a state of ontological purity, and this corresponds to the manifestation of Christ, the Savior

Christ heals, redeems and liberates through the revelation of mystic knowledge and it is through this knowledge that material consciousness is transcended; yet, this transcendence is better understood as transformation than abandonment, as matter itself is to be awakened through its unification with the Divine. Thus transcendence occurs through transformation. Mysticism is not just a reversal of the emanation process, but a fulfillment of purpose, as the created world must be purified or transformed by Christ before returning to its Source

As the material incarnation of the archetypal Logos (the Word of God) and as an immutable testament to the all-pervasiveness (omnipresence) of the Divine Presence (Holy Spirit), Christ provides the potential for the soul itself. For the sake of all Creation, Christ suffers the pure agony of the free, Living, immaterial Uncreated as prisoner, enslaved within the limitations of material garbage, and seemingly, far away from God, only to attain Soteria regardless and ensure it for all others; only to restore the Divinity within matter, purifying it; only to reunite matter with the Divine and cause the two to become inseparable; only to bring about sustenance within matter as well as abidance within the Godhead itself; only to cause the reversion of matter back to the essence, completing the threefold cosmic process, redeeming Adam, redeeming Eve, uniting them finally with each other and with God as well, providing them theosis, making them Divine in body (as Christ represents), yet it will not really be the body anymore, as the matter will be perfected and transformed into something new. God will be ultimately pleased, will shower perfect Love upon Creation, and Creation will at last be able to receive and reciprocate this Love...

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