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by Pat Revels

Truth is immutable and remains unchanged independent of our ability to apprehend its essence. Thus the essence of Absolute Truth is also the essence of Absolute existence (being). But this status of Truth as absolute makes it absolutely inscrutable and this confounds our analytical faculties. As a result, Truth also seems to be in a state of flux, always reinventing itself and transforming itself into something new. Love is related to consciousness as Truth is related to existence

The Divine hypostasis that is Nous/Mind (God's creative intellect, using the awesome, incomparable Voice) expresses using the technology of the Logos/Word, that is, primordial numerical language. The Logos, in turn, gives birth to the Divine Presence, which has two aspects. While the Holy Spirit proper uses Love as its technology, the other aspect of the Presence uses Truth. This other aspect is known as the Parakletos, the Spirit of Truth

With these two qualities constituting the procession of the Absolute, that is, Truth (the action considered as thinking) and Love (the action considered as feeling), there is likewise a third creative aspect which is purely dynamic (energetic). All three are merely perspectives of One creative principle, the creative choice of God's Will. God can also be considered apophatically as nothingness, emptiness, an abyss or a void because these descriptions are more apt than the comparison to any created thing

Purity of being/existence/consciousness and degree of unity/oneness are tendencies that increase as Divinity increases. These tendencies culminate in God, creating a hierarchy of Being; however, all the levels comprise only one thing, as dualism/pluralism is inherent neither in God nor the cosmos itself

All subsequent degrees of procession (emanation) constitute a spectrum of decreasing purity, corresponding to their proximity to the Source. This gradual corruption gives birth to the supposed pluralism of matter. The corruption is why we must seek only the original Source (God), yet it is far from a cosmic accident; it is the plurality which allows for the free play of the (nearly) infinite variety of creative possibilities. It is the same plurality that gives humans the ability to fulfill their ultimate purpose: to feel and reciprocate God's love. From this perspective, pluralism is not "corruption" at all, but rather a necessary aspect which makes creation itself possible. So no qualitative category, not even corruption, can be viewed as existing totally outside of the Divine

And in the act of proceeding, the Divine remains totally undiminished, resulting in the principle of abiding. The Divine not only abides in its own essence, but also within matter (to some extent) because matter is permeated by the Divine and cannot exist without Divine sustenance

It is not only the power of the Creator which has presence in matter, but Divine substance; yet in transforming itself to create the substance of material existence, its essence remains in unchallenged purity. And hence its essence is very far beyond all material concerns, beyond our analysis

All things created must eventually be destroyed and return to their source, resulting in the principle of reverting. The power of the essence to perpetually transform and reinvent the substance begins the cycle anew with procession. This cycle, however, must be understood outside of temporal concerns, because all phases occur simultaneously rather than in succession. Mystic contemplation is also a function of reversion

The substance we can speak of to some extent, but the Essence of God must always remain in unknowable mystery.

The primordial substance is the basis of matter, energy, time, life and mind. The substance may be analyzed by the following processes which relate to its methods of manifestation: vibration, language, mathematics, harmony and psychology. It is through the understanding of these processes that an understanding of the substance is gained; observation of the substance reveals Truths that resonate on a Universal level, allowing Knowledge of the Essence, indirectly and intuitively, but never empirically

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