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just this, just this

MAK note: The following is from an email (dated 20 March 2010) by "st".

have you heard that story about some zen master dying, right before he died a squirrel on the roof of his place made some rustling noise, and he pointed up and said "it's just this, just this" and then died [note]

i had a moment like that just before

was out with rosie the dog
and a kid walked past down the street
she ran into the street and barked at him
familiar with her already the kid stopped for a moment
so i could get her going in the other direction
"i'm sorry about that" i said
"it's alright" he said
and that was it

the whole play of life seemed condensed into that moment
i can't believe what has happened on this earth and is happening and will happen
wars, millions being killed in war - how did that happen? when we all began as nearly-buddhas in childhood?

somewhere along the line in our development we are being corrupted by some influence - the anti-buddhas

part of their programming is not to question their programming, but to develop a system of thought and belief in favor of its survival as a mind-virus

i had some friends a few years ago whose parents never stopped bothering them from day one about preparing for college and post-school "real world" realities ... they treated me like a threat to their children because i was always undermining their thought-control on their kids, i.e., giving them minds with which to think for themselves

man should be a simple creature like all others
like lions resting on rocks together doing nothing for an entire day
or deer gently walking through the woods together
birds sitting on tree branches singing in the afternoon


"st" may be referring to the following story about the 9th century Ch'an master Wikipedia link Tung-shan:

When Tung-shan was leaving Yun-yen he said, "In the future, when you are gone and people ask me about your teachings, what shall I say?" Yun-yen pauses imperceptibly and then softly says, "Just this. Just this." At this moment, the successor hesitates. The old sage perceives it and warmly encourages Tung-shan. "You must be extremely careful and thorough in realizing just this."

Traveling on foot through green mountains, pondering just this, Buddha Tung-shan, while wading across a stream, suddenly perceives the reflection of his own face in the swiftly flowing water. His subtle hesitation evaporates and he is now prepared to accomplish the transmission of light. He sings in quiet ecstasy, "Why seek mind somewhere else? Wandering freely, I meet my own true nature everywhere, through all phenomena. I cannot become it for it is already me."
external link Lex Hixon, Living Buddha Zen, cited in external link "Right There Where You're Standing" - A Dharma Talk by Wikipedia link Zenkei Blanche Hartman
Reprinted from the Wind Bell, Volume XXX, No. 2, Summer, 1996

A similar story is found in Zen and the heart of psychotherapy By Robert Rosenbaum, Google book search p.222 (the spelling is different, Tozen and Ungan)


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content by "st"
page uploaded 20 March 2010