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external link Nonduality magazine - new online magazine by John LeKay on self-realization, awakening, consciousness, and related subjects (vol 1 contents)

website Conscious TV - Consciousness, Healing, Psychology, video interveiws, includes many interviews about Adviata and non-duality, as well as other subjects. Interviewees tend to be of varying quality

website Nonduality Salon - the original nonduality website

website The Wanderling - Zen Buddhist site, includes material on true and false spiritual teachers, nonduality, etc

web page Sarlo's Guru Rating Service - Advaita and Unranked Nondualists - Sarlo's list of gurus that have a nonduality or nonduality-based teaching. Gurus are obviously of very different quality! Sarlo's ratings should not be taken too seriously, but the links he provides are very useful.

Wikipedia link Nondualism - Wikipedia page, for what it's worth

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