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MAK note: The following mahamudra/dzogchen/tantra inspired meditation instructions were written by "st", a correspondent. He said although it is a little new agey, it is trying to avoid being tied to a tradition.

::::the Necessary Adjustments for Breakthrough-Trance::::

~the body should be let to relax, the internal functioning slowed, thebreath deepened, neither should one be so full as to feel a burden nor so hungry as to be distracted, in a comfortable space, alone

~with the intention to introvert the mind and withdraw within to the inner-center, one should close the eyes, close the mouth, keep the entire body still until it begins to fade from awareness, then relax into the mind by disengaging entirely from the outward flow of the senses to their objects, "switch" or "detach" from participation with this flow to non-participation like a boat leaving a shore, go deep until one is entirely situated in the mind

~once you are firmly positioned within, your thoughts no longer reaching for the external world, contemplate over the following :

* the ultimate nature of consciousness as being fundamentally unknowable as it transcends the subject-object world of mind, therefore to be known as pure subjective consciousness

* that central black-hole space being ungraspable as it holds within its grasp everything else that is experienced in mind, It Is Not An Attainment, consider the Qur'an : no vision can grasp him but his grasp is over all vision: he is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things.

* the central consciousness, the great space of awareness, being the very abode of the void

* the central reality being That Which Is even during the state of dissolution or during the contemplation of non-existence ; the canvas on which images appear, the space within which all emerges and submerges

* contemplate , know, and merge into the awareness that this is the very nature of your being of consciousness ; meditate over this with thoughtless awareness

::::By this Process::::one will Merge into::::the Essence::::

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