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The need for a new language when discussing Nonduality

MAK note: The following is from an email (dated 5 March 2010) by "st", regarding the state of nonduality.

i was thinking today that for the same reasons you do not usually use the term enlightenment, so should the word self be dropped in its use as indicating the innermost reality of being

it sounds stupid saying "self with a big S" as people do, why not just find a new word?

too many associations with self - yourself, myself, selfishness, selflessness, and so on, and none of those in their ordinary meaning refer to the innermost reality but the surface waves of personality and individual mind

many people, perhaps most, when they hear of "finding themselves" take it in the ordinary meaning, understanding their personal histories, likes and dislikes, dreams and goals, etc

i would really like to be able to uproot the whole terminology around these things, substituting new creations or distinguished versions of the old words, so that whenever i write about it to anyone who has become familiar with my use of the words (such as with you and i and "shushnuss"), they will be able to understand it on that alone - otherwise if i say "buddha-nature" then someone could cite ten thousand texts which nitpick over the exact meaning of buddha-nature and misunderstand something simple that i'm pointing to directly

it would also have the effect of excluding an unwanted audience - those too impatient or intellectually haughty to descend to the level of being playful with language - if they can't get past those limitations there's no point talking about shushnuss to them anyway, it's barricaded by barbed-wire walls of thought

i like that aspect of secrecy, making texts inscrutable to the casual reader, although not in the way gurdjieff or adi da did it - gurdjieff seems to overpower with the mass of words he uses, until you're as if lost in a huge crowd and feeling minuscule, adi da seems to do it in his later texts with the flamboyant style and constant use of trigger words ... i like short sutras pregnant with meaning, things you can recall easily without returning to the books

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