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Nonduality and Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo's teachings are sometimes described as nonduality (e.g. Integral Advaita) and he is sometimes referred to by proponents of nondual sp[irituality such as Ken Wilber (even if the latter doesn't understand him). But there is also an important difference that should not be understated.

Sri Aurobindo taught engagement in the word, through bringing down the Supermind - tho it's a misleading term, i find his jargon off-putting. It's not a mind, super or otherwise, and i don't even see it as being "above mind" (which was Sri Aurobindo's definition) - i suppose something like Supreme Creative/Dynamic/Perfecting/Integrating Truth Consciousness would be better! (in this i have been influenced by nonduality philosophy, whereas Sri Aurobindo still had a strata perspective)

Basically, nonduality awareness (Padmasambhabva, Link to Amazon com Pratyabhijna, Ramana, etc) just is.

Whereas Supreme Truth Consciousness is that (shushnuss) in dynamic creative organising mode. Not content to just be, it also, while just being, perfects and harmonises.

My path i feel is to attain nonduality first, then having attained that work to actualise Supreme Truth Consciousness

To use Shaivite metaphysics, you could say nonduality emphasises the Shiva principle of pure aham, pure prakasha or "I" (Ramana's I-I, the primordial Witness). Supreme Truth Consciousness, the Aurobindonian Supermind, emphasises that too, but it also includes shakti, the self-creative Power of the Supreme.

Both are innate and spontaneous in their action, but one doesn't transform the objective cosmos, the other does

Sri Aurobindo explains the difference between various forms of Liberation and Ascent to Supermind here

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