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Sewing to Buddhahood

MAK note: The following is from an email (dated 16 March 2010) by "st".

Was just repairing some clothes with a needle & thread.
It was like Buddhist mindfulness-meditation.

So is drinking tea -
I have this clay cup with Japanese designs on it,
and a lid -

I use it for only one sort of tea, Lapsang Souchong,
which is a black tea whose leaves are dried over fire to give a smoky taste.

When I remove the lid the smell slowly permeates the room,
And I drink it in slow motion.

In my childhood I used to eat & drink and do many things with the idea that they conferred special powers - an ordinary glass of water would become a magical elixir of life.

Makes me wonder whether I was tuned into something more than just child imagination, since that same way of thinking is like the Native Amerikans considering Tobacco as a Sacred Plant and so on.

Or perhaps that same imaginal way of thinking was never outlawed in the old cultures like it is now - our education systems are basically there to destroy our minds, or so it seemed to me while I was there.

So their imaginal powers developed along with everything else rather than being suppressed and left to surface in dreamtime and madness like us now.

Have you ever been close to death in any way? Like a car accident or something? I was just thinking about the relation between a verse from the Qur'an and two verses from Vijnana-Bhairava. The Qur'an as one of its repeating themes gives an example of people at sea in a terrible storm. Waves crashing everywhere, all hope lost. Then at the height of their terror, calling out for Allah in total desperation, who then saves them or gives them inner strength. There is one verse in Vijnana-Bhairava which lists some spontaneous moments, like being chased by a deadly animal, about to fall from a cliff, etc., and says that in those moments brahma may be known, and another verse defining Bhairava as that which is revealed when someone cries out in absolute terror and fright, in that shocked state.

Those are very strange "methods". Prabhupada would not like that very much! This is rascaldom, not Krsna, he would say. There is no time to chant mahamantra being chased by a lion, breath will be wasted. And with internal repetition you will run face first into a tree!

But the mind stops thinking in such moments. Or it can. If you have put in any efforts in meditation, and one day you are chased by a lion, you will run with joy even in that terrified state. The mind will not be there to think, "I am so scared, I will be torn to pieces by this lion", it will just make you run faster than you ever have, and dodge trees without thinking, like a deer who effortlessly speeds through a forest. You will laugh while running, because the speed will be amusing, and the inevitable doom of the situation unless you escape will be so absurd as to make you laugh with joy...

I had a dream like this once, where I was in these woods here, and a large grizzly bear (which don't live here, there are some black bears I think) started chasing me, and in the dream I ran like that, and laughed in the dream.

I heard a story about Osho.
He was sitting with someone, one of his disciples.
Suddenly he said rather loud in his strange tone and speech,
and then gave him a big grin and wide eyes.

I don't know if the disciple "got it", but Osho was trying to overturn his mind there like in these methods. Like the Zen masters too, and koans.

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