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Occult Gurus, Teachers, and Masters

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The following is a list of Occult gurus and teachers. Note that none of they do not work at the level of the Intermediate Zone, but rather the occult/astral or equivalent (and in Guredjief's case the will):

H. B. Blavatsky. An admirable intelligent woman, possessed of great clairvoyant and psychic power, resorted to tricks on occaison to justify her "Masters" letters.  Almost single-handedly initiated the Western occult/esoteric revival.  Not an enlightened being, but still enormously significant. Her movement Theosophy was very big in the early part of the 20th century.  Now has all the hallmarks of an organisation that time has passed by.

Aleister Crowley. A great occultist, possessed of tremendous psychic power, a prankster, a hedonist, a poet. I do not feel he is the prophet of any New Aeon, sacrificed animals on at least two occaisons, treated the women in his life rather shabbily.  But did seem to display a genuine concern for his followers. The single most influential figure in 20th century Hermeticism and occultism.  The O.T.O. he took over leadership of remains the single largest magickal order.  Direct influence on Gerard Gardner & hence Wicca, indirect influence on L.R. Hubbard & hence Scientology.  Not an enlightened being, but still an important figure. Might be at the level of IZ-a Subtle, Seems to exist - or at least an Attractor doies - as a deity after physical death, although the human Crowley died as a drug addict.

G. I Gurdjieff. A true master, possessed of tremendous psychic and physical power and will, a prankster, a trikster, ex-spymaster?, a master manipulator, deliberately obscured his teachings, does not seem to me to be someone who greatly respected women. Did not specifically exploit his followers. His ideas have been subtly influential throughout much of western esotericism, even reappearing in New Age form.

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