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Epistemmology is a branch of philosophy concerned with how we know thinks.   In other words, knowing about knowing.

Epistemological approaches in general - what can be known?

broadly materialistic categories

logical and introspective

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Principia Cybernetica Web Epistemology, introduction Epistemology, introduction. Epistemology is the branch of philosophy that studies knowledge. It attempts to answer the basic question

web pagelinksprinted references The Epistemology Page - A collection of epistemology resources, including other directories, online papers, and graduate programs

web pages Epistemology - essays, book reviews

Rationalistic (broadly materialistic) Epistemology

Principia Cybernetica Epistemology - the cybernetic-rationalistic-materialistic approach

web page Epistemology and Generative Theory: - Derrida, Gans, and the Anthropological Subtext of Deconstruction, by Richard van Oort. If you can understand this, you're a better man than me, Gunja Din!

Religious (theological) Epistemology

web page A Cursory Look at Christian Epistemology by Allen L. Monroe.  Not a bad introduction to the subject.

The Really BIG questions

web page Introduction to Quantum Thermo-Epistemology by Thomas J. Nelson - the author offers an explanation for such important and puzzling questions such as:

  • Why does toast always land butter-side down?
  • Why do cars break down only when you need to go somewhere in an emergency?
  • Why do banks only lend money to people who don't need it?

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