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Causal or Formative Being

Just as there is an etheric and an astral psychic clairvoyance, so there is a spiritual or soul (psychic) clairvoyance; a perceiving of spiritual-angelic beings and hierarchies.  A good example of this is found in the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, who goes into great (and sometimes irrelevant) detail regarding the various hierarchies of Divine beings (See for example Rudolf Steiner, Cosmic Memory; An Outline of Occult Science ch.IV; The Spiritual Hierarchies and their Reflection in the Physical World; The Spiritual Beings in the Heavenly Bodies and in the Kingdoms of Nature; The Driving Force of Spiritual Powers in World History; and in many other of his works).  This would be great if it was all accurate, but the rigid and baroque nature of the material, and the fact that Steiner is soften unable to detach himself from the mental preconceptions inherent in his Graeco-Christian-Theosophical outlook, tends to imply that, whilst some of it may indeed be valid, other material is derived from his own subconscious.

According to Rudolf Steiner's earlier and more Theosophically influenced works (see e.g. At the Gates of Spiritual Science; and Theosophy, chapters III-3, and III-4.) The Devachen or Spiritual Universe is divided into two primary planes.  Steiner calls these Lower and Upper Devachan.   The Lower Devachan plane is characterised by the dynamic archetypes which are the blueprints and formative causes of all things in the Physical universe.  These are the subtle, ideational blueprints - one could even call them "angels" or "devas" - as opposed to the "dense" energic blueprints of the Etheric plane. The Higher Devachan plane is more subtle again, and pertains to archetypes and Idea-forms that exist in their own light, rather than being directed down to the lower worlds.  These higher Idea-Forms receive their causation from the Divine-Angelic and higher worlds of Universal Truth above them. Later on Steiner abandoned this two-fold division of seven subplanes (which is clearly based on the Lower and Upper Manas of Adyar Theosophy) in favour of a more Graeco-Christian doctrine of celestial spheres.

Nevertheless it is not implausible to assume that, as in the planes below it, the Devachanic or Mental-Physical plane consists of a series of "octaves" and "resonances", and also includes the archetypes of the phenomena of the lower worlds.

This Noeric or Spiritual Physical Plane is the resonance of the Noeric Hypostasis within the Physical.  This is a region of transpersonal spiritual phenomena.  It may well be that some psychedelic drugs access this plane.  There exists here a higher (more noetic) order of nature beings than those of the psychic physical plane.  This is also the region of the inner or instinctive group mind consciousness.  e.g. the devic or group consciousness of social insects like ants and bees might derive from here.  This region is the dense physical analogue of the "devachanic" or noeric etheric resonance.

One could speculate that physical thought and consciousness expresses itself here. True Mind in the Physical (Ideational Plane) is much vaster, corresponding to a higher spiritual/archetypal plane. But

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