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The Material Physical Plane of existence

Dense and Subtle Physical Existence

Hubble Deep Field South. A ten-day observation carried out in October 1998 by a team of astronomers at Goddard Space Flight Center and the Space Telescope Science Institute. The extremely narrow field view samples a 12 billion light year corridor of space. Virtually every image is a galaxy. Courtesy, R. Williams (STScI), the Hubble Deep Field-South Team, and NASA.
Smithsonian Institution Libraries

from Extraterrestrial Life and our World View at the Turn of the Millennium by Steven J. Dick
Dibner Library Lecture, May 2, 2000

reality: Gross Physical

objective qualities: matter, form, body, vessel, vehicle, stability, material and physical-spiritual evolution

subjective qualities: existence as a separate being, individuality

suggested symbol: the cross in the circle
cross in circle symbol

Source Reality (yang): Subtle formative forces

Source Reality (yin): Inconscience

Product Realities: Physical evolution and progressive complexity

Phenomena: both the objective material universe and innumerable subtle realities around and behind it, including various heirerachies of subtle physical and spiritual/angelic archetypes of Nature and distinct subtle hierarchies

The Physical Universe

The most concrete universe or reality, The Physical Reality (or Gross Physical) serves as the support for physical evolution, as well as the vehicle of incarnation, manifestation, and activity of various supraphysical realities as well. So although limited and restricted in the larger sceme of things, it is also very important

Physical Evolution

Gross Physical reality constitutes that reality which is accessible to the senses and to scientific instruments. It is also the sphere of evolution. It consists of holarchies of emergant structures, in a complex phylogenetic arrangement. In physical matter, the various ontological resonances express as evolutionary grades. Put in the most oversimplistic manner, these evolutionary stages are:

Each of these constitutes a distinct "singularity" or "symmetry break" or "quantum leap" relative to the preceeding, constituting a new evolutionary stage, complete with it's own "code". According to Sri Aurobindo, that singularity or leap in organisation and physical consciousness comes about because of the descent of a new and higher principle (pure Life, pure Mind, etc) into Matter.

Arthur M. Young's Theory of Process basically covers the same ground.

From this it would seem like everything moves in a straight line only. But although many integral philosophers propose a strictly linear model of evolution, this is quite incorrect, and shows that the Integral Movement has not yet caught up with modern science, but is still stuck in the 18th and 19th century. A true integral mosdel of evolution has yet to be developed.

Evolutionary Stages
Unified Field


Physical Matter
Life - the etheric
and psychic manifest in the Physical
Mind - the Psychic and Noeric
manifest in the Physical
Super- consciousness in and as Physical matter
Theosphere - Supramentalisation - Gods or Godhead incarnate in and as Physical matter

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