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external link Vedic cosmology - planetarium - a detailed and beautifully illustrated overview of traditional Viashvanite cosmology, by ISKON


external link Where do we go after death - from Spiritual Science Research Foundation - an esoteric site based on Hindu cosmology

external link Esoteric Science - The Multi-dimensional Universe - according to Lee Bladon. Material inspired by Theosophy and Hermetic Kabbalah, includes diagrams

external link The Great Continuum Of Consciousness according to George A. Boyd. A detailed mapping of states of consciousness (not so much planes of existence as such)

external link Seven Planes of Existence - according to Theta Healing

external link 7 Planes of Existence - according to the channelled entity Michael. - Michael Teachings. Also external link The Planes of Existence - Michael Educational Foundation


Wikipedia link Plane (metaphysics) - Wikipedia. (I co-authored this page, but not a great deal has been added when I last checked - 15 Jan 09)

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