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The Inner Transcendent Physical

reality: Spiritual or Divine Physical

objective qualities: Inner Divine (Theon), Perceived as a brilliant star (Barbara Brennan) perhaps the seed atom in Theosophy?

subjective qualities: Sachchidananda in the physical body (The Mother)

symbol: ?

Type Description: Soul Star - Barbara Brennan Light Emerging; Physical Purusha - Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine, and True Physical Letters on Yoga;

This is the Soul or central organising principle of the Body. Not the Divine Soul itself, but an aspect thereof. The Divine Soul represents higher/inner consciosuness, but this is an emanation of that in the Physical Plane. Refernce can be found in Sri Aurobindo's books, and it is illustrated in Barbara Brennan's Link to Amazon com Light Emerging as the Soul Star. Perhaps this might be equivalent in part with Leadbeater's "Physical Permanent atom"

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