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Realization (Enlightenment)

Guatama Buddha
Siddhartha Buddha, whose life provides the classic illustration of the attainment of authentic Realisation

By Realisation (previously I used the word "enlightenment") is meant the stage beyond not only the ordinary mundane Ego-Shadow ignorance and delusion) and conceptual thought, but beyond even Common Gnosis and ego entirely. Because there is no ego, this is a state in which there are no longer any barriers between individual beings; there is total empathy as well as total insight and transcendent gnosis (jnana).

Most people do not realize that it is not simply a case of attaining "Enlightenment"; indeed, "Enlightenment" is one of those words that have been seriously debased. Although there are exceptions, most people claiming to be "Enlightened" are at a very basic and narcissistic level of consciousness. Beyond these fakes is genuine Gnosis, beyond that are several grades of Realisation.

The most common is partial or incomplete realisation (in which some degree of egotism remains), which is far below authentically selfless realisation. To give it a name, I call it the "Intermediate Zone", after Sri Aurobindo's term and description. Even this partial realisation is so far beyond ordinary consciousness that it is easily mistaken for the Supreme State of existence, the goal of all spiritual realization, both by those who attain it and their followers.

Assuming one does not choose Liberation or nirvana, there is the option of even more profound states, leading to higher, totally transformative states of Realisation in which even Liberation is transcended in the transmutation of the body and the divinisation of the world.

o Partial or Intermediate Zone "Enlightenment"
o Authentic Realisation (Self- or God-Realization)
o Higher Realisation
o Divine Consciousness
o Global Divinization/Supramentalization

In all these states and stages of partial, complete, and transmutational Realisation, the effect is contagious; that is, even a very imperfect and partially "enlightened" (so-called) being can transfer that experience (apparently unconsciously and spontaneously), to devotees and others.

The Realisation stage of Transformation
Authentic Realisation (Self- or God-Realization)
Ego death / going beyond ego
Why I no longer say "Enlightenment"

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