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The term "Pagan" simply means village dweller or country folk.  It was applied as a derogatory term by the early Christians who, being primarily urban, considered themselves superior to those unlettered heathens of the fields.  The term later grew to include any of the classical Graeco-Roman family of religions (Paganism in the strict sense), and, more recently as a blanket term for any religions that did not fit into the Judeao-Christian-Islamic or the Eastern mould (Paganism in the broad sense).

Because of these very different definitions, "Paganism" itself is something of a meaningless term, often defined by the negative propaganda of the Christian Church, or adopted by ostentatious rebels to show how bad they are.

Paganism in the strict sense
 actually refers to the authentic religions of ancient Greece and Rome and surrounding areas.  It is just as valid a religious form containing spiritual paths as any other religion east or west.  Strict Paganism is, like early Judaism, not so much polytheism (or monotheism) as henotheism or kathenotheism.  This means a belief in many Gods, but only one is chosen as worshiped (and is taken to represent the chief God and eventually, the Supreme Godhead).  Almost all religions apart from such abarrent forms as Dualistic Zoroastrianism, Monotheistic Judeao-Christian-Islamicism and Atheistic Jainism and Buddhism, are Henotheistic.  For more about Paganism follow the links below.

Paganism in the broad sense
is as I said a meaningless term, but one that has nevertheless gained broad currency.  Important religions lumped in this "waste basket" category include all shamanic and tribal religions, all the religions of pre-Christian Europe and the pre-Judaeo-Christian Mediterranean, and all Neo-Pagan forms of religion.

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web pagelinks and more links!Gentile, Ethnic ∓ Pagan Links - large list of links here!(click on the @)  - Kewl!  Includes Paganism in the broad sense, as well as a number of specific Greek pagan sites and general links opposed to the totalitarian Christian church.

Web SiteKnow Yourself - Honor The Gods - Gladden The Ancestors

Web SiteThe Supreme Council Of The Gentile Hellenes was founded in June "1997". Its aim is to defend and restore the Ethnic, Polytheistic, Hellenic Tradition, Religion and Way in contemporary Greek society, which is heavily dominated by the Christian Orthodox Church and the Byzantine ethos. - go here to find out about persecution by bigoted Christians against indiginous Hellenic Pagansim

Web Siteon-line articlesDiipetes - In Defence Of The Ancient Psyche
"Diipetes" was founded as a quarterly journal at the end of "1991". Until May "1999", 30 issues have been published.  Since 1993, "Diipetes" has also been a cultural association (the name means "Sent by Zeus")

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