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Wikipedia link Religion - wikipedia page

Web SiteThe Religious Movements Homepage - a really excellent site on cults, sects, new religions, and religious movements, both new and established...includes profiles of more than 200 religious movements, plus link access to hundreds more groups.

Web Siteannoitated links directoryReligion Religions Religious Studies huge site! An annoitated list of links, links, and more links, arranged according to topic.

Ontario Consultants on Religious ToleranceOntario Consultants on Religious Tolerance - from this site

Some Internet sites present their own faith in glowing but often inaccurate terms; other sites attack religions with hatred and misinformation. We do neither. We describe dozens of faith groups as accurately as we can, from Asatru to Christianity to Zoroastrianism.  Some faith groups explain their own beliefs about abortion, physician assisted suicide, capital punishment, etc. We don't. We explain all sides.   Some denominations use the Bible as a scientific text and teach creation science. Evolution has been accepted and integrated into other faiths. We do not favor one belief; we explain both.

web pagelinks page World Religions Resources Guide - links, links, and more links!  An annotated list - everything from Anglicism to Zoroastrianism.  The alphabetical listing even has the Church of Satan immediately underneath the Roman Catholic Church!  Cool!  :-)

Web Site World Religions - Religion, History and Literature - short intro to each of the major religions

Web Site The Bible Quiz - "free, online Bible Quiz contains more than 3,000 multiple choice questions about the 5 books of Moses. Choose a chapter and timer setting, then the fun begins. The quiz randomly selects questions from its database, thus no two quizes are alike. There is also a database browser for reviewing and printing the Questions with the correct Answers. Adults, as well as children will find the quiz entertaining and very educational."

Web Sitelinks page Mike Croghans No-Frills Religion Page - there's also a with-frills version but I guess I always prefer the no-frills stuff.  Excellent site, brief but encyclopaedic overview with links of all deifferent religions and sects, even ones not generally accepted or recognised.  Note: this site is no longer being maintained and many of the links do not work.

web pagelinks page Multifaith and Religion Sites - a large list of links to various religious (including non-mainstream) and ecumenial sites

web pagelinks page World Religions and Beliefs - more links - covers both mainstream, alternative, philosophy, New Age, etc

Web Site Metareligion includes topics about gnosticism, religions, sects, occultism, theosophy and many other things.

web pagelinks page World Religions - a small annoitated list of links to various religions

Web Site "is a growing collection of over 42,000 adherent statistics and religious geography citations -- references to published membership/adherent statistics and congregation statistics for over 4,000 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc.  Basically, researchers can use this site to answer such questions as "How many Catholics live in California?", "What are the major religions in Mozambique?" or "What percentage of the world is Buddhist?" We present data from both primary research sources such as government census reports, statistical sampling surveys and organizational reporting, as well as citations from secondary literature which mention adherent statistics."

Web Site The World Religions Museum Home Page - based on an inspiration by Dharma Master Hsin Tao, founder of Mt. Ling Chiu Wusheng Monastery, Taiwan.  The goal of the world Religions Museum is to provide a place for all the religions of the world to meet and enter into dialogue.   To stimulate the religious benevolence and devotion of every individual, to spread it to every corner of the world, so that the love at the heart of every religion could be melded together, allowing them to understand and learn from one another while also developing the plurality among them and the distinctive characterstic of each.

web pagelinks page Michael Cardin's Religion Links - a huge list of  and variety of religion links, some to do with the study of different religions, others just religion pure and simple.

The Telson SpurPaths - The Way of the Soul - links and stuff on religion and mythology

web page R.P. 2040-I.1 What is Religion - from Sze-chi Chan's RP2040 - Philosophy of Christian Religion site

Paragon House Books: World Religions


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