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Only a perspective and lifestyle based on true compassion can destroy the oppressive constructs of present society and begin anew in creating desirable relationships and realities. This, to me, is the essence of anarchy. No one who fails to embrace all struggles against oppression as her or his own fits my definition of an anarchist. That may seem like a lot to ask, but I will never stop asking it of every human being.
Brian A. Dominick, Animal Liberation and Social Revolution: a vegan perspective on anarchism or an anarchist perspective on veganism.

To decide one oppression is valid and the other not is to consciously limit one's understanding of the world; it is to engage oneself in voluntary ignorance, more often than not for personal convenience.
Brian A. Dominick

above quotes from external link Veganarchy - When you realize that soylent green is made of sentient beings (nice reference too!)

Veganarchism is a radical political philosophy that combines Wikipedia link anarchism, veganism, and sentientism. Although veganarchism is an exoteric ideology, I still love it's uncompromising approach! I believe that their analysis of the exploitative nature of the state, and of society, is spot on, and indeed just common sense. But I also consider that, like all such ideologies, it only addresses one side of the equation (in Wilberian terms, the "lower right quadrant"). Sure, past and present social structures are pretty horrible, selfish and non-empathetic. But how did they get that way? because most humans are that way to begin with. Society is the product of human nature, often of the lowest common denominator thereof, so there is a feedback loop between the two, the individual and the collective. So to remove all speciesism human nature itself has to change, to evolve to something higher and more sensitive. Sure there will always be specieists, just there will always be racists and sexists, but it will no longer be condoned by the collective.

It is ironic, but anarchism and Wikipedia link libertarianism (the latter popular in the transhumanist/extropian community, which is where i first encountered it) both say the same thing, which is that we shouldn't have government or authorities to tell us what to do. Except one comes from the left, the other from the right (these being polarities, I myself prefer the left, or communion/altruism, approach). But to get to that level, there has to be evolution to an innate level of spiritual and social sensitivity. So the anarchist or the libertarian cannot but act in a moral and altruistic way, not because they are forced from without by society or from within by a Freudian superego, but because they are compelled and inspired by their own Inner Light to be like that. The Veganarchist therefore is keenly aware of injustices and specieism in society because he or she is an intrinsically empathic, and hence spiritual (spirituality here having nothing to do with religion) person. You cannot be converted to veganarchism. You can only be awakened to the veganarchist consciousness you already have.

So while Veganarchism is an inspiring, if little known, part of the larger transformation of society, it is also very much the result of, and a sign of, the individual's own development.

Despite my disagreements with certain aspects of Veganarchism (specifically of social causation over individual ignorance and selfishness), it is still an ideology that I strongly identify with, combining as it does the two principles of sentientism and anarchism, each of which in a different way is very meaningful to me (indeed, when I signed up Facebook page for facebook, for politics in the info section, veganarchism was the obvious choice (although a second option would be integral). Yet as an integral philosopher I also have to acknowledge that ultimately Veganarchy is one approach to and perspective or lens for integral ethics, the transhumanist external link The Hedonistic Imperative another, totally different approach, the ahimsa of Mahartma Gandhi another, the nonduality sentientism and equality of Ramana Maharshi another again, and so on. All should be considered in any comprehensive integral sentientist ethic.

From Wikipedia - Veganarchism

Veganarchism or vegan anarchism, is the political philosophy of veganism (more specifically animal liberation) and anarchism, creating a combined praxis that's designed to be a means for social revolution. This encompasses viewing the state as unnecessary and harmful to animals, both human and non-human, whilst practising a vegan diet. It is either perceived as a combined theory, or that both philosophies are essentially the same. It is further described as an anti-speciesist perspective on green anarchism, or an anarchist perspective on animal liberation.

Veganarchists typically view oppressive dynamics within society to be interconnected, from capitalism, racism and sexism to human supremacy and redefine veganism as a radical philosophy that sees the state as harmful to animals. Ideologically, it is a human, animal, and Earth liberation movement that is fought as part of the same struggle. Those who believe in veganarchy can be either against reform for animals or for it, although do not limit goals to changes within the law.

The philosophy was first popularised by external link Brian A. Dominick in pdf file Animal Liberation and Social Revolution and later promoted by anarcho-punk band external link Virus using symbolism, the shop external link Roots of Compassion, a zine named external link veganarchy, and political prisoner Wikipedia link Jonny Albewhite. The ideology is sometimes referred to as radical veganism, total liberation, total revolution, or total abolition, however not all who believe in the terms perceive them to be veganarchy.

Facebook page Veganarchism - facebook group,

blog Thomas Paine's Corner - anarcho-veganist blog

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