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Spiritual Causes of Sickness and Health

according to Barbara Brennan


Creative processes of health

Level or Body Expression of consciousness


Ketheric Template Divine Knowing: "I know I am one with God"

Celestial Body Divine Loving: "I love life universally"

Etheric template Divine Will: "Thy will and mine are one"

Astral Body Loving: "I love humanity"

Mental Body Clear Thinking implements love and will

Emotional Body Natural unblocked flow of feelings

Etheric Body Natural metabolism of energy; yin/yang balanced

Physical Body Natural metabolism of chemical energies,
balanced physical system


[Hands of Light, p.140]


Spiritual Causes of Sickness

Just as there is a creative, dynamic process of health and well-being, so there is a dynamic process of disease, which is basically a perversion or distortion of the preceeding process. All illness begins as a spiritual malaise, and proceeds down from there, finally materialising as physical illness.

Body Expression of consciousness Effect in the "vehicles" Belief structure
Ketheric I believe I am
Believes he is superior to others Tangle or tear in 7th layer
Celestial I love what I believe
Loves being superior Weak or blocked Celestial Light
Etheric Template I will my beliefs into being
Tries to be superior Distortion in Etheric template
Astral I desire according to my beliefs
Desires to be superior Blocks in Astral, dark forms, stagnated energy
Mental I think according to my beliefs
I think I can be superior/
I think I can't be superior
Disturbance of form of mental body, dissociated thought-forms
Emotional I feel according to my beliefs
/      \
Anger   Grief
\      /
Dark blocks of energy; stagnated or depleted energy
Etheric I am according to my beliefs
Physical pain Tangles, breaks or disruptions in etheric layer
Physical I exist according to my beliefs Dis-ease Physical illness

[Hands of Light, p.141]

This obviously is a totally different understanding of well-being and illness than is propounded by the conservative elements within the medical establishment. Materialist science and materialistic medicine sees the body as a machine; if you are not feeling well, that means that one of the parts must be malfunctioning; if it can't be rectified through chemicals (drugs) it has to cut out, like taking a faulty part out of a motor.

What is even worse is the psychiatric establishment, which treats not only emotional or mental malfunctioning (schizophrenia etc) with consciousness-numbing drugs (many of which, like most drugs, have harmful side-effects), but would even like to do the same to people who have psychic experiences but are otherwise quite "sane" (leaving aside of course the problem of distinguishing between what is sane and what is insane, as if the two can be distinguished in black and white terms).

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