Barbara Brennan - Cult of Personality?

Here is an email someone sent me recently (30 Aug 1999) regarding Barbara Ann Brennan.  I felt it was pertinant enough to include on my site:

Hello Alan

I have been reading through your site regularly for some time now and I have to say it is really excellent. I really like your refreshing down to earth style.

I am particularly interested in a couple of things. At one point you say that anyone who charges money for healing or aural cleansing is to be avoided as they are not really spiritual. You are also highly sceptical of many channellers. I notice however your admiration of Barbara Ann Brennan.  Now I have to say that I too really admire her work and I have been to see a healer who is a graduate of her school. This healer would seem to really know her stuff from my limited perspective. However she certainly knows how to charge for it. I have also made inquiries about attending the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and the fees are astronomical, not to mention that it is set in a luxury hotel in the middle of nowhere. I'm becoming a little cynical about it all. It seems as if she is building a little empire.

Would you agree that this is a common problem among alternative groups, a sort of "personalisation", where a large movement of people becomes centred around one person?

I have to admit this was sad news to me, as I have always (and still do in many respects) have the greatest admiration for Barbara Brennan.  But now it does seem that she has indeed fallen victim to the cult of personality and making money, that so many gurus and teachers in the West succumb to.

Since this page has been posted I have received occaisonal feedback defending Barbara Brennan. Here is one rec4eived on 25 Sep 2000.

The fee of about $6000/yr doesn't seem astronomical to me. Barbara has had 700 graduates over the last seven years. 100 students per year would gross $600,000. That's a resonable figure for rent, offices, staff, trainers, and lots of other expenses.

Some healers may charge alot because they can see only two or three people a day.

"Expensive" doesn't imply "personality cult".


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