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Hands of Light

Barbara Ann Brennan

Hands of Light

A lucidly written and profound book; a modern classic of spirituality, one of the core texts for alternative healing, with more than 250,000 copies in Bantam print.  Presents an in-depth study of the Human Energy Field, the chakras, and the subtle bodies, as well as looking at the psychic dynamics of personality types.  When I read this book it was an absolute revelation - at the time I had never read a modern New Age or esoteric book like this.

Note: Barbara Brennan has since written another book, Light Emerging.  Although containing some interesting new material, and still highly recommended, it is not at the standard of Hands of Light, in my opinion.


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web pagesAn introduction to Hands of Light - includes long passages from the book

For more on Hands of Light, simply type the title into any good search engine, and you will get oodles of reviews by people!

In Association with Hands of Light : A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field by Barbara Ann Brennan, illustrated by Joseph A. Smith

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