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Many esoteric teachings refer to a number of distinct planes of existence, each with its own corresponding "vehicle" of consciousness,   Instead of a single physical body housing the soul (Dualism), we possess a series of "bodies" or "vehicles of consciousness", beyond all of which is the spiritual-soul principle.

The Dutch philosopher Dr J. J. Poortman completed in the 1950s a comprehensive four-volume historical, comparative, and philosophical study on this very subject, which has been translated into English [J. J. Poortman, Ochema - Vehicles of Consciousness, Utrecht, Adyar, 1978].

The Subtle Body in different Esoteric Teachings


Comparing the ancient Egyptian conception of soul/self levels, Indian five-self doctrine of the Indian Vedanta (derived originally from the Taittiriya Upanishad), the Neoplatonic-Hermetic classification, the Theosophical system Rudolph Steiner's Anthroposophy, we have the following rough consensus:

Level Egypt Vedanta (Kosha) Neoplatonic-Hermetic Blavatsky Leadbeater Steiner
Spiritual Body Akh (in part) Ananda
Nous/Mind - Sun Upper Manas ("Ego")  Causal subplane and body Ego - Spirit - Devachan
Ideational Body Manas Lower Manas ("Mind") Mental subplane and body
Astral Body Ba Soul - Moon Kama ("Desire")  Astral/Emotional planes and body Soul - Astral plane / Soul world
Etheric Body Ka (in part) Prana (vitality) Vital Spirit Prana (Vitality)
Sukshma (Astral Double)
Etheric subplane and body Etheric body of formative forces
Physical body Kha Anna "Food"  (Physical body) Body - Earth Sthula (Gross body) Gross Physical subplane and body Physical

This table is actually somewhat simplistic, because Steiner's Devachan is not necessarily the same as the Adyar-Theosophical Mental Plane.  And moreover there is a frequent tendancy among many esoteric writers (especially those coming from an Adyar Theosophical-based tradition) to confuse the various planes and bodies.  But, quibbling aside, there is indicated here the basic sequence of "vehicles of consciousness":

This general schema can be represented diagrammatically by concentric circles.  The physical body is the most "external" or visible part of the being.  Within this, according to the standard theosophical paradigm, is the etheric body, then the astral and the mental bodies, and finally the Higher Self

A distinct approach (which involves resonances but is not identical to the above sequence) has the physical body in the middle, and various etheric bodies as successive "auras" or atmospheres around it.

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