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Supreme Reality

I want to get away from the erroneous perennialist idea of the Supreme Reality as a trackless void. So for now a simplistic representation of Sri Aurobindo's Supermind as a bright sun is used

By Supreme Reality is meant Reality in Itself, in its Supreme Self-Nature, beyond but including nonduality as Absolute, and equally beyond but also including the highest Godhead. It is ineffable, ever perfect, full of qualities, of the nature of Superme unity (i.e. without Division), lacking any deficiency or negativity, and not limited by any definitions (so paradoxically even these ones don't apply).

For me, Sri Aurobindo's definition and description of Supermind and Sachchidananda (e.g. in The Life Divine and The Synthesis of Yoga) provide the best description of the Supreme Reality in itself. The Mother's description (in the Agenda) of the work of Divinisation in the world describes the Supreme in action.

I fully acknowledge however that there are equal descriptions of the Supreme in other traditions - e.g. Parasamvit or paramashiva of Tantric Shaivism, En Sof of Kabbalah, etc. However for me, Sri Aurobindo and the Mother provide the best and most detailed account of the Supreme froma practical yogic point of view.

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