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Fields of Transformation
Social and Cultural Transformation
Global/Planetary Transformation

Collective Transformation

By Collective Transformation I mean anything from Group to Social and Cultural to Global/Planetary Transformation. Obviously this is such a broad category as to be basically meaningless in this context. I have only included it here as the counterpole of Individual or Self-Transformation. That is, Self-Transformation is about liberation and perfection of and for the self, which the traditional solitary and mystical path. Collective Transformation on the other hand means taking that spiritual transformation out into the world, in order to bring about a change in the world as a whole. This has traditionally been the province of exoteric religion and more recently secular holistic social idealism and activism, postmaterialism, new paradigm, integralism, etc, but has also been taken up by Lurianic and Hassidic Kabbalah (tikkun) and in the early 20th century Sri Aurobindo in his Integral Yoga. According to Sri Aurobindo, any Integral Transformation cannot be individual alone, it has to also be collective and global, involving what he referrs to as the Terrestrail Consciousness (the Consciousnes sof the Earth and humanity and all beings, including inanimate matter, as well)

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