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The Divinisation stage of Transformation

This stage of Integral Transformation - attaining what Sri Aurobindo refers to as Overmind (Overmentalization) - means realisation and individualisation of the consciousness of Godhead; in other words, becoming Divine or Godlike. It would seem that at this stage, not only very profound self-transformation is possible, but also Collective, Group, Socio-Cultural Transformation, and even Global or Planetary Transformation is not only possible but natural, easy, and spontaneous. However, permanent Cosmic transformation, and any transformation that involves changes the actual dynamics of how the world and the universe work, requires Higher Divinisation (Supramentalisation).

The following sub-stages, based mostly on T.R. Thulasiram Arut Perum Jyothi and Deathless Body, can be included:

  1. Revelatory (Sri Aurobindo's "Intuition" stage, but his term is confusing and not very evocative) - highest stage of Higher Realisation
  2. Basic Overmind (beginning of Divinisation proper)
  3. Global Overmind
  4. Summit Overmind
  5. Supramentalization (Higher Divinisation, beginning with Overmental Supramentalization)

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