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Emotional Transformation

The following represents a simplistic mapping of emotional transformation, from negative to positive, in terms of stages, hypostasis, Plane of Existence, and Influences

Delusional. Projection of shadow, the Other as monster, adverse.

Egocentric/Selfish. Egocentric-exploitive, ego-shadow "us and them", dualistic.

"Ethnocentric"/Dualistic. Religious/Traditional, lower emotional, baseline untransformed human emotional being, also untransformed lower emotional body in nonhuman animals. Basically there is no difference between the human and nonhuman animal as far as emotional development goes, except that non-human animals, lacking the pervesity of mind applied to falsehood, have a purer love; the same with small children who have not yet become corrupted by growing up. This selfish lower emotional body is there because it is, necessary for survival in the wild environment, (the animal that didn't selfishly grab its food starved), but is no longer required in modern society, where all needs and a perfect vegetarian/vegan diet can be met through modern food production methods.

Reformist/ Pluralistic/(R)Evolutionary. Spiritual religion, emotional plane, pure feelings, ideational, beginning spiritual, "astral".

Holistic/Systems/New Paradigm/Integral holistic healing, both genuine and fake "Translucent" pop Gurus, Intuitive and Creative, Spiritual Cultural Creatives Higher/Inner Emotional Being (, "celestial"). Mixed energy, some pure ideas, some subtle/astral/spiritual experiences, some lower influences, surface astral/mental

Mesoteric/pre-gnosis Included here are various authentic New Age groups, Spiritual and Earth healing, intuitive emotional, some astral, "celestial"

Esoteric/Gnostic. Empathy, true bhakti, Inner astral/emotional.

Partial Realisation. Transcendence, non-seperateness between self and others, I-Thou realtionship with all beings, but ego and other impurities can result in self-serving emotional immaturity, and abusive behaviour.

Realisation and above. God-Realisation, Mystical Union, intersubjective I-Thou realtionship with God and with all beings. Beyond this stage of Reality, further transformation has to be Integral.

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