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Global/Planetary Transformation

Global/Planetary Transformation

Currently, the Earth is facing a crisis-point due to man's unsustainable actions, overpopulation, and environmental degradation. This has meant that Global Transformation is more important than ever. Indeed, without it, the human race, millions of other species, this global transformation has to come about through a worldwide social and cultural transformation. It also cannot be merely exoteric and intersubjective (shared socio-cultural experiences), but also has to include objective esoteric, occult, and metaphysical dimensions as well.

Personally, I find the clearest account of such cosmic activism in the work of Sri Aurobindo and his co-worjker Mirra Alfassa (the Mother), and most especially as recorded in the Mother's Agenda. This latter is a profoundly esoteric record, which is meaningless to secular or exoteric religious consciousness. That is why, although I recommend it, not everyone can understand it.

The following represents a simplistic mapping of Global transformation, from negative to positive

"Ethnocentric"/Dualistic mass consciousness, regulated and controlled by Egocentric/Selfish political vested interests and the institutionalised Delusionism of corporate madness (rape of the Earth) on the one hand and things like extremist religions on the other. This is the world as it is today, in need of transformation: Unregulated capitalism, imperialism, jingoism, totalitarianism, religious or secular authoritarianism), misogyny in most traditional cultures, world terrorism, genocide of nature and non-human species, global speciest exploitation of nonhuman species. Mainstream global society was formerly dominated by the Cold War, now it is the War on Terror. After that it will be something else. The world as dualistic, us and them, too much hate, fear, ego, selfishness, and conservatism While there are some higher influences, things are mostly under the sway of adverse forces

Reformist/ Pluralistic/(R)Evolutionary. Ideal of sustainable world and social global reform, but not yet achieved, an ideal that is held up, which is paid lip service; ideational plane, pure ideas, but mixed with lower.

Holistic/Systems/New Paradigm/Integral Ideal of New global Civilization, not yet achieved. Inspired by a mixture of pure ideas, subtle/astral/spiritual experiences, lower influences, surface astral/mental, and collective thoughtforms.

Mesoteric/pre-gnosis Not global, but prehaps workingt behind the scene (New Age Lightworkers (giving Love and healintg to the planet) and other initiatives. Inspired by Inner subtle/astral/ideational impulses (include mostly positive, mixed, and sometimes negative), but also entrenched thoughtforms; the New Age and similar groups have yet to understand that matter is to be transformed rather than transcended in "ascension".

Esoteric/Gnostic. While there may be authentic groups, ashrams, and occult and esoteric societies, but no global transformation as yet. On the subtle levels there are spiritual hierarchies, Inner subtle physical/astral/spiritual realms (include positive, mixed, and sometimes false views from entrenched thoughtforms)

Realisation. Individual Realisers, buddhas, bodhisattvas, etc, and even communities of sincere disciples around such Realisers, thus establishing individual Light Centers. The goal of all trasditional yogas, and the beginning of the Integral Transformation proper.

Higher Realisation. A few individual Realisers, buddhas, bodhisattvas, etc, but no global transformation.

Divinisation - realisation of Godhead. Overmind orientated to Superamental (actualised physically by Sri Aurobindo in Siddhi Day - realised 26 November 1926).

Higher Divinisation. Supramental Supreme Reality. The Mother initiated "Golden Day" 29 February 1956, to eventually culminate in Global Supramentalisation. Full actualisation of this stage not just on an individual but also a collective and global level uis required for cosmic transformation.

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