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Higher Spiritual-Divine Mind

Ideational / Spiritual and Mental Being

Above the ordinary mental consciousness (and the equivalent macrocosmic planes and realities) are a series of progressively more sublime and transcendent regions of higher realisation, in which consciousness becomes progressively more transparent to the Supreme. These may be considered a series of distinct worlds or universes, or simply as subdivisions of a single plane; although such physical-mental classifications are pretty irrelevant to the Realities themselves.

In The Life Divine Sri Aurobindo distinguishes the higher levels of spiritual mind above the thinking mind (the rational mental). Taking these four levels together then gives the following (from lower to higher):

Thinking or Rational Mind: This is the region from which rational (and rational-intuitive) thought and intellect derive. The term Ideational Mind is provisionally used here to distinguish this faculty in its own sphere from its lower resonances. In its own sphere Mind is still an instrument of truth, it is only when it becomes a vehicle for falsehood and ignorance. One might postulate here spiritual archetypes which eventually manifest in the Physical universe. This is the macrocosmic equivalemnt of the indidvidual mind or intellect (not the emotions, desires, and passions, these pertain to the orectic and astral reality).

Higher Spiritual Mind: If Sri Aurobindo is to be believed, the Higher Mind (which he equates with the Sahasrara or Crown chakra above the head (Aurobindo 1971, vol.1 p.365) is the lowest level of pure truth, free from the ignorance and half-truths of the lower levels. So once we rise beyond even the pure conceptual mind we arrive at the region of archetypal or Higher Angelic hierarchies. This universe can be considered a realm of Integral spiritual intuition, the higher mind that can comprehend things intuitively, derive from here. The description that Sri Aurobindo gives of the Higher Mind pertains to the Higher Mind-ised embodied consciousness, the Higher Mind in itself would be a region of almost inconceivable (to the limited physical consciousness) light and knowledge. Visionary references to higher spiritual regions and angelogical hierarchies would pertain to this hypostasis.

Illumined Spiritual Mind: Sri Aurobindo refers to the Illumined Mind which corresponds to the higher part of the Sahasrara or Crown chakra, and which is beyond even the Higher Mind. We should see this as the region or enlightened state of Spiritual Illumination, and hierarchies of Light. This universe also corresponds to the Sahasrara.

(Divine-)Intuitive Spiritual Mind: (Higher Enlightenment). It would seem (still using Sri Aurobindo as a guide here, although it might be that equivalences can be had in Neoplatonism, Theosophy, Sant Mat, and the cosmology of Max Theon) that Spiritual Illumination derives from the even more subblime Divine-Spiritual World of emanated hierarchies - further Gods and Archangels; this is experienced as a great Enlightenment, and those who have attained this state are regarded as great saints or avatars.

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