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Intersubjective Stages of Transformation
"Worldcentric"/ Pluralistic/Holistic

The Holistic/Systems/New Paradigm/Integral stage of Transformation

While still exoteric, this is the highest Socio-Cultural stage so far attained. It represents a participatory, Co-Creative, New Age, meditative, Integral movement,translucents, emerging Postmaterialistic Rising Culture, Evolutionary spirituality. David Korten in The Great Turning refers to it as Spiritual Consciousness. In Integral Theory it is refrred to as "Upper Tier" or "Second Tier" and corresponds to the kosmocentric perspective, which is neverthless still beneath Sentientism.

The Holistic Stage differs from the Pluralistic stage mainly in more strongly and integrally incorporating the spiritual dimension. It differs conversely from the following, Mesoteric/pre-gnosis stage, in still being bound to rationalism and materialism, and being unable to comprehend supraphysical and nonphysical realities, and the limitless possibilities of transformation that they allow.

As there is not yet gnosis, or even basic esoteric knowledge and understanding, this stage is frequented by fake enlightenment claimees which greatly plague the gullible. Even many genuine seekers are led astray. Ironicallty, such fakes can be exposed not only by those of higher realisation (such as the esoteric and those informed by the Psychic/Immanent Divine) but alos by materialists and skeptics. The difference is that gnostics can tell the genuine from the false, whereas skeptics and materialists consider even genuine Realisers to be fake. So it is upto the holistic/New Age/New Paradigm/New Consciousness people to make their way through the minefield of false teachers, in the hope of finding a rare genuine one.

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