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Tantra and the elements
The subtle body, showing the five elements and the chakras - image from Yoga News

Metaphysics on its own is meaningless without Transformation. Gnosis provides insight into the nature of Reality, and empathic sentientism into the value of all sentient beings, but these things on their own can not bring about change in the world. There has to be the element of will, and that, when rightly applied, means what I might call (to coin a neologism) theovertive (turning to the Divine) transformation. The ultimate goal of transformation is the divinization and perfection of the universe, what Sri Aurobindo calls Supramentalization.

There are a number of dimensions or parameters of transformation:

Dimensions of Transformation -

The quantitative dimension or field of transformation: is it individual only, limited to a small group, or embraces the whole world, or even the cosmos?

Types of Transformation -

These describe the types or aspects of the being that are transformed, and also those aspects that do the transforming. Because each aspect develops at different rates, there are also separate lines of development or aspects of the being that are transformed. Does transformation begin with the body alnoe, or emotions and feeling, or mental consciousness, or all three together? Does it extends to or from the higher aspects of the being - the Immanent and Transcendent Divine, or the lower, the Subconscious and Intraphysical? The old yogas ignored the lower in favour of the higher; Integral Yoga is unique in bringing the higher down to transform and transmute the lower:

Intersubjective Transformation -

What is the Orientation of the consciousness and being? Is it limited and narcisistic, or limitless with empathic identification with all sentient beings? Here there are progressive stages from adverse selfishness to universal empathy. They can be listed as follows:

Stages of Transformation -

The following are progressive stages of Transformation. They represent the conversion or dissolution of lower states in higher spiritual Light, Love, Power and Harmony. At the stage of Higher Divinisation (Supramentalisation), the entire Earth is transformed, entropy reversed, and the entire Cosmos redeemed.

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Dimensions of Change
Evolution Transformation Transmutation/Metamorphosis

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