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Integral Transformation

Integral stages of transformation

Diagram by M. Alan Kazlev, 2009, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License

Integral Transformation represents the goal and summit of all spiritual paths, and of individual, collective, and planetary evolution as a whole. Even so, it is not the final end, but only an integral singularity, beyond which nothing can be reasonably known. For me, the most complete and mythologically or intellectually undistorted representation of the path of Integral Transformation is Integral Yoga, which forms the basis for the above diagram. Integral Yoga, and Integral Transformation, involves the individual, group, socio-cultural, and globalintraphysical, subconscious, physical, emotional, and mental transformation on the mundane, Immanent and Transcendent levels.

The following represents a simplistic mapping of integral stages of Transformation, from least to most:

Below Realisation

This is the realm of duality or multiplicity, the Three Worlds in terms of Universal hypostasis; the Physical, Astral, and Ideational Plane of Existence, where there is a mixture and a tension of Divine and Adverse forces playing out the Divine Plan of Cosmic Evolution. This continues even upto the Intermediate zone/Relative Absolute

Individual transformation: here there is individual consciousness and transformation at different stages of development of the physical, emotional, and mental being.

Collective transformation: ditto for groups, cultures and societies

Global/Planetary/Cosmic Transformation: Collectively, globally, the human consciounsess is still at a very low (dualistic) level, out of harmony with the Devic consciousness of the Earth (Gaia) as a whole


This is the sphere of Realisation of Reality in Him/Her/Itself (Reality being both personal (as "God") and impersonal (as Self or Thatness).

Individual: Complete transformation, Realisation, ego-transcendence, in the transcendent and/or the immanent sphere of Divinity/Reality, which may involve the mental (jnani), the emotional (bhakti), the physical (siddhi), or some or all of them. Integral Transformation and Integral Yoga requires the transformation of all them. For Sri Aurobindo there is a triple transformation, in which immanent (Soul) and transcendent (Spirit) are the two prerequisites for complete Divinisation (Supramentalization).

Collective: While there are communities of disciples around solitary Realisers (including shaktipat, subtle physical contagion), there are no known communities of physical Realised beings only, apart from New Age mythology - e.g. Babaji and 18 Siddhas (Link to Amazon com Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga Tradition, still less societies.

Global/Planetary/Cosmic: Presumably, this refers to pralaya, the dissolution of the universe. Integral Yoga provides a radically different alternative, the transformation of the universe, which retains its physical form and continues to progress and evolve indefinately.

Higher Realisation

Higher Realisation, the actualisation of Higher Reality, beyond even conventional Self- and God-Realisation, has also been attained, although it isn't necessarily the case that a Higher Realser is greater than a Realiser. For example, Ramana Maharshi represents Conventional Realisation, and yet he is far far greater than "Intermediate Zone" Higher Realisers like Adi Da and Mother Meera, who would seem to respresent aspects of Higher Realisation and world transformation. This implies a contrast between height ("vetical") and breadth ("horizontal"). Someone like Da Free John/Adi Da may have attained great Height with his profound utterances, but his foundation, his vertical Realisation, was extermely limited (indeed he remained narcissistic, which is sub-realisation).

But as ordinary human beings, not yet Realised, it is difficult to make judgments on these matters (except in the case of abusive behaviour, in which it is very easy to tell which gurus are frauds or at best mixed). According to Sri Aurobindo, Ramakrishna represented Intuitive Higher realisation. I myself have never felt an attraction for Ramakrishna, although that is more probably just a limitation on my part, because Ramakrishna is a bhakta, whereas I resonate more to jnana (as represented by Ramana). It may also be however that Ramana was functioning inwardly on the level of Higher Realisation, but outwardly only on the level of Ordinary (nondual) Realisation

At this stage then there is the following:

Individual: Transformation, siddhi, Higher mind, Illumined Mind, Intuitive Mind

Collective: None as yet. Although various great avatars, Realisers, buddhas, bodhisattvas, etc, have attained these states, this has only been individually. According to Sri Aurobindo, intermediate evolutionary stages between Ignorance and Supramentalisation will emerge after the Supermind is established in the Earth Consciousness.

Global/Planetary/Cosmic: not yet realised, see above. Requires Higher Divinisation. One difference between Supramentalisation/Higher Divinisation and those stages below it is that with Higher Divinisiation the global inconscient is transformed, whereas with, say, Higher Realisation, it is transcended. From thsi perspective, Teilhard's Omega Point, despite its parallels with Sri Aurobindo's Supramentalisation, pertains to Higher Realisation, not to Higher Divinisation, because it asserts that the Earth is collectively transcended, rather than collectively transformed.


Divinisation is an even more profound stage, represneting Divine Consciousness. From our limited point of view it is almost impossible to understand these matters. The following therefore is suggested on the basis of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's teachings:

Individual: Radical siddhi, Divine Body, realised only in greatest Siddhas. This state confers individual mastery, but not yet a universal transformation of nature.

Collective: not yet realised physically, requires Higher Divinisation

Global/Planetary/Cosmic: Overmind orientated to Superamental (Sri Aurobindo - Siddhi Day - realised 26 November 1926)

Higher Divinisation

I use the term Higher Divinisation a general term to refer to what Sri Aurobindo calls Supramentalisation. This means physical actualisation of, and being transparent to, the Supreme Reality, and hence individual, collective, global, and ultimately cosmic Divinisation. This is the highest state that we can conceive of (but not the end of spiritual or cosmic evolution as such; Creation being endless, evolution is endless as well).

Individual: Realised only in greatest Integral/Supramental avatars: Individual Supramentalisation, Triple Divine Body, transformation of individual Inconscient

Collective: Sri Aurobindo refers to the state of collective Supramentalisation, the Gnostic Being, which will accompany a full physical Supramentalisation. This has not yet been attained. In his and the Motehr's case, they were the only two to attain the supramental state.

Global/Planetary/Cosmic: initiated "Golden Day" 29 February 1956, to eventually culminate in Global Supramentalisation, Cosmic Tikkun, transformation of universal Inconscient, redemption of the universe

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