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Parent nodes: Types/Aspects of Transformation

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Physical Transformation

Physical Transformation can involve the individual physical being, or the group, socio-cultural, or global society or organisation.

The following represents a simplistic mapping of physical transformation, from negative to positive

Exoteric, ordinary society - ordinary physical consciousness; the individual self that has to be transformed

Holistic/Systems/New Paradigm/Integral holistic healing, Chinese alternative healing, harmonisation but not yet transformation of the physical

Mesoteric/pre-gnosis individual spiritual consciousness and self-transformation, on the physical level, physical yogas, development of etheric body, holistic alternative healing, some subtle/spiritual experiences

Esoteric/Gnostic. individual Esoteric/Gnostic/empathic consciousness and self-transformation; Tantra, Taoist Yoga, development of subtle body; Inner/subtle physical

Partial and Complete Realisation and above. Transformation, siddhi. Beyond this stage of Reality, further transformation has to be Integral.

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