How do you jump out of the system? Where does the space of 'A' end, and 'B' start? Are there a limit to the space of possible letterforms? The letter 'A' can look like a lot of things, but there has to be some underlying "a-ness", otherwise it would not be an 'A'. But the space of possible As is immense and uncountable.

In the same way, humans can be a lot of things and become even more. But is it possible to "jump out of the system" and become something completely different, as the letter 'B' has done? And what exists beyond 'B'?

[This picture was inspired by Douglas Hofstadter's discussion of creativity, Gödel and "jumping out of the system" in Metamagical Themes.]
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original page The Transhuman Condition

Every major evolutionary emergence is a Meta-step, a singularity breach. The movement to transhumanism is merely the latest in an on-going process of cosmic evolution.

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