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Atheism is the shadow or dark side of the highest perception of God.  Every formula we frame about God, though always true as a symbol, becomes false when we accept it as a sufficient formula.  The Atheist and Agnostic come to remind us of our error.
different metaparadigmSri Aurobindo
Thoughts and Aphorisms, Bhakti, 538 

Atheism means the denial of an external general topicGod or any sort of higher creative power.  Although usually associated with internal linkMaterialism, it doesn't have to mean the same.  For example, general topicEastern philosophies such as general topicSamkhya and general topicBuddhism refer to spiritual realities, but not of a God or "Creator".  But generally, Atheism and Materialism are synonymous.  Quite a few intelligent people, disgusted by the intellectual absurdities and the moral hypocrisy of the various general topicreligions, take refuge in Atheism

internal link See also Scepticism


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