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Literal Religious attitude


Interpretation of Reality: Reality is both internal and external, but the internal is very limited.  The mind or soul receives impressions from both the external world and from God and interprets them, but does not create anything new in itself.  There is meaning and purpose to life and the universe, which come from God.  God is an external absolute reality, the soul can never merge with God or transcend itself, God rewards those who follow His church (Puritan Protestant ethic, televangelism, etc)

Knowledge: facts about the world and God can only be acquired through the authority of the Church and/or through a literal reading of the Bible, Koran, Gita, or whatever sacred book one's chosen religion has,.  Science is perfectly as long as it does not conflict with the scriptures.


Representative Paradigms (Science): either science in non-confrontation with religion or pseudo-science (e.g. Creationism)

Representative Paradigms (Philosophy): Supernatural Dualism or Supernaural Holism (Ressurectionism)

Representative Paradigms (Religion):Any literal or fundamentalist approach to religion, specifically exoteric monotheistic religions

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